Tour of Split sets off at the central waterfront Riva in front of the south wall of Diocletian’s Palace where you’ll see the full view of its scale and hear how and why the Diocletian palace was built. You will enter the substructures of the palace, which are a prime example of great Roman architecture. This takes us back to where the story begins to the times of the ancient Roman Empire. In the fourth century A.D., when the Roman emperor Diocletian retired, he built a residence for his golden years here in his native Dalmatia. From the Diocletian’s cellars, we continue to grand Peristyle square and Vestibule – the entrance hall to the private rooms of the emperor. Your tour must also include visits to former emperor’s mausoleum and Jupiter’s Temple which was converted into the baptistery. Over 1,700 years old!…

It isn’t a secret that all guide books describe Split as a city around the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, which is, after Rome, the best kept and most remarkable evidence of the Roman epoch in Europe.

There are plenty of things to do in Split now that – thankfully – its days as a departure point to the nearby islands are gone. Brimming with recently opened high-quality bistros, antiquities aplenty and the best bar scene on the Adriatic coast, Croatia’s main ferry port is also the country’s most promising all-round city-break destination. Time Out’s local experts pick the best things to do in Split.